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Dept Of Mathematics, Techno India University, Concludes Virtual Conference On Soft Computing Techniques And Cost Optimization For Inventory Modeling

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 12th Oct 2020 : Department of Mathematics, Techno India University, West Bengal concludes the virtual International Conference on Soft Computing Techniques and Cost Optimization for Inventory Modeling. Eminent researchers from all over the globe enlightened the participants with defined innovative knowledge in this domain.

The Department of Mathematics- Techno India University, West Bengal established in 2013, offers various courses in different areas of mathematics. It also offers specialized courses for students pursuing M.Sc & Ph.D. degrees in this subject. The faculty members of the department have completed various projects sponsored by DST, ISRO. Our faculty members also have a significant number of publication s in international journals of repute.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) has always embraced the vision of Techno India University by expanding its wings to the international forum with ample opportunities for academic exchange programs. It nurtures the skill of fostering international exchanges in various educational programs.

Techno India University, West Bengal strongly supported this virtual international conference with a mission to reach out to every student, attending researchers, and faculties at large. It is an opportunity for every talent to nurture their knowledge in this domain and confine themselves to this enthralling session with the global speakers.

 To grace this occasion we had onboard speakers/scholars from various parts of the world enriched us with their expert theories and knowledge on the subject. Prof. Dr. Leopold Eduardo Cardenas Barron spoke about an EOQ model with price and power demand patterns. He elaborated on a proposed methodology where the price dependence and time dependence could be combined in an additive manner.

  Prof. Dr.Nita H Shah delivered her lecture on optimal strategies for manufacturer – retailer inventory system under discount dependent credit period. Her lecture was of considerable interest due to its relevance to the current pandemic situation

Prof. Dr.Chandra K Jaggi elaborated on the topic of analyzing demand patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic in a retail chain with an emphasis on preservation technology. He also spoke on how the lockdown restrictions and its gradual unlocking motivated his study.

Prof.Dr. TPM Pakkala presented a lecture on inventory policy under stochastic forex purchase price. He elaborated on the various types of problems arising in such models and expanded on some models to provide deeper insights.

Dr.Madhu Jain delivered a very interesting lecture on cost optimization and optimal testing for the software system. She elaborated on software testing and various means of optimization related to it.

Dr.Hardik Soni spoke on inventory models with learning in fuzziness. He explained how learning is incorporated into inventory modeling in terms of managing uncertainty.

Prof.  Dr. SR Singh provided insights on volume flexibility in terms of inventory control and production planning. He provided a significant amount of literature for researchers to explore the topic and also elaborated on various avenues of potential research.

Prof. Dr.VS SarmaYadavalli presented a very interesting lecture on using multi-criteria decision making for humanitarian planning during relief supply in SADC and its inventory management. He elaborated on the wide-ranging applications of supply chain management and how it plays into disaster relief management.

This Virtual International Conference aims to create the best infrastructure and allied facilities to foster research, product development, and industrial consultancy. Students from all over India will attend the forum to gather more informative knowledge from these renowned scholars to enhance their skills. We impart quality education and always wish that every student be enriched with the right knowledge and exposure to their respective fields.

TIU has become the forerunner in offering the most advanced courses and identified itself as a leader in the field of unique creation! TIU’s pursuit of excellence is driven by the dreams of its founder Chancellor Prof. Goutam Roychowdhury and Co Chancellor  Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury the unique entrepreneurs not only thinks about the growth of their enterprise but also the society around them and the very nation they belong to.

Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, in her captivating speech, articulated that it is a great opportunity for every student, practicing researchers, faculties in this domain to gather more knowledge and nurture your skill. If a window of opportunity appears, never pull down the shade. Techno India University, Department of Mathematics has created this opportunity for every student all over India to participate in this conference. They will learn new innovative ideas and benefit from each and every speaker. She vouches that inclusive, good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies. “Explore every opportunity that comes to nurture your skill. Knowledge is the ultimate power. Explore and Grow with it.” 

Mr. Meghdut Roychowdhury Director Global Operations, TIG affirmed that not a better computer than the human brain. He encouraged everyone to utilize every opportunity to nurture the skill of your career.

Ms. Pauline Laravoire, Director, Sustainability, Techno India Group gave a spectacular speech advising all to join the collaboration with researches, exchange various data, and also to implement these data in the field of work.  She vouched on the inventory methods and how one should apply in our daily life.

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