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Jain Group Launches A Digital Assistant Initiative, JAIN-e, Plans To Make Real Estate Contactless And Fully Digital

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 13th June 2020 : Real Estate major, Jain Group, today launched JAIN-ea 24*7 digital assistance platform, a first of its kind initiative in the real estate sector. The Jain Group would now be handling all sales and customer care activities in a contactless, digital and risk free manner.

The pandemic has affected almost every industry and livelihood across the country. The scenario in the Real Estate segment is no different. As construction came to a standstill due to the ongoing lockdown, Jain Group came up with a slew of innovative and aggressive digital marketing initiatives to boost sales. 

Keeping in mind the current situation, Jain Group also moved digital and to make the journey seamless for the existing customers, JAIN-e was launched today. JAIN-e is a 24*7*365 digital assistant that will now take care of the four steps for a customer to buy home i.e., to search for a home, physical site visit, purchase of home (visiting Broker’s and Developer’s office) and post-sale interaction, thus making the entire process Digital, Contactless and completely Safe.

“With social distancing emerging as a lifestyle, the only way to carry on our work is by enhancing customer experience digitally. There are no longer any concept of physical boundaries, this adaptation that we have made as human beings is crucial. The most important change in trend is the way business is conducted. Meetings, interactions and all information exchange is happening digitally. We will now have to make the shift to Dubai-based business models, where maximum interactions happen on digital mediums, this is because most of Dubai real estate customers are not even based out of the city and actually prefer to meet digitally.

Contactless but seamless end-to-end digital journeys for customers will take precedence. Since the site visits will be limited, engaging and experiential digital tools will pave the way forward, customers need not visit the site; the site will reach the customers. They will still experience the project first hand, just on a digital first interface. Keeping in mind all these, for the first time in the history of Real-Estate we have introduced JAIN-e, a 24*7*365 Digital Assistant providing answers to all your queries about your home and also helping with house search, purchase and real time virtual house tour”, said Mr Rishi Jain, Managing Director, Jain Group.

JAIN-e will provide the following services

•      End to end – Online Sales and Customer Service

•      No App download , no hassle , simply send WhatsApp messages

•      Sit at home and do Virtual Site Visit

•      No need to do physical Site Visit

•      No need to visit Developer Office, no need to visit broke office. All work done at home.

•      Available any time every time, without fail.

•      Get your own Virtual Guide for the Site Visits

Jain Group will be providing this service free of cost. To avail the same, the prospective buyer has to simply send a WhatsApp message to 9831282170. The response time is 0 second to 2 hours.

JAIN-e is set to revolutionize customer interaction and engagement is real estate forever. Publicity : Sagittarius Communications.

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