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Rohan turns the untold story to a film “Ebhabei Golpo Hok” got its music launch

It’s a story of a Film Director Avijit Mukherjee (Played by Joy Sengupta) ,whose last three films was box office flop and now he wanted to make a film from a novel named “Ekti Asamapta Golpo” written by Sidhhartha Banerjee (Played by Ananda Choudhury) and he called the Executive Producer Anjan (Played by Santilal Mukherjee) to listen the story. Director started narrating the story and as we saw the story of Sidhhartha and Laboni  (Played by Bibriti Chatterjee) started from that particular point. As per story, Sidhhartha and Laboni loved each other. Both of them are from North Kolkata and were from same college. Sidhhartha’s mother brought him to Kolkata from Asansol after his father died. Laboni used to stay in their family home along with her parents. Siddhartha was quiet unmindful with the relationship while Laboni’s mother get to know about their relationship from a facebook post. Meanwhile Laboni’s mother was planning to set Laboni’s marriage with her friend’s son.

Laboni and Sidhhartha had a common friend named Antara. Antara’s mother suffered from cardiac arrest suddenly and needed Rs.5 lakh urgently while her father was no more. Laboni’s mother came to know the incident and committed Antara that she will pay the money as Antara has to do a favour. After Antara’s mother survived, Laboni broken the news of Sidhhartha to her mother. She called Sidhhartha and insulted him in a bad manner. The next day Antara intimated Laboni to Sidhhartha’s place for discussing the matter over there. With the sound of Laboni’s footstep Antara kissed Sidhhartha with the lie that something had fallen in her eyes ,Sidhhartha was about to watch that when Antara kissed him deeply at the correct moment and made Laboni understand that they are in love with each other. Laboni misunderstood Sidhhartha. Laboni declared to her mom that she is ready to get married whoever her mother chooses. Laboni got married soon and Sidhhartha left for Asansol.

The unfinished novel was stopped as the Director requested the EP to make and bring the rest. After 10 years Sidhhartha came back to Kolkata, Avijit Mukherjee called him and they met. Meanwhile Sidhhartha’s mother expired suddenly and after his mother’s death Sidhhartha changed his mind and refused to give the copyright of the story. Avijit was depressed with this decision of Sidhhartha, he started to recall his memory of his past days with his wife Kotha (Played by Rupanjana Mitra). He requested his EP Anjan to bring the copyright hook or by crook as he was eager to make the film for his wife. There after Sidhhartha seeked responsibility of an orphanage.

After six months, while passing by a road Sidhhartha experienced watching of a car accident. He moved forward and saw a family of three inside the car. He was shocked when he saw the wife of the expired man is Laboni! She earnestly requested Sidhhartha to take the responsibility of her girl child after her expiry. Atlast Sidhhartha told rest of the stories of his life to Anjan,sitting on the field of the orphanage. He made Anjan see Laboni’s mother who became fully mad by then and declared Anjan that he’ll handover the copyright. Avijit Mukherjee made the film finally and titled ”Ebhabei Golpo Hok”. The film made the audience delighted. After that Kotha came back to Avijit.

Recently the music release was arranged by producer Kichukhan Entertainment with the presence of the singer Rupankar and some of the cast members in front of the press. The lyricist of the music os Raj Sen and songs sung by Rupankar Bagchi, Amrita De and Kinjal Chatterjee. The music director of the film is Rajdeep Ganguly. The Story, Screenplay and Dialogues by Rohan Sen and Arpan Deb. The film is directed by Rohan Sen.

 Casts are Joy Sengupta as Abhijit Mukherjee, Shantilal Mukherjee as Anjan , Ananda S Choudhuri as Sidhhartha, Rupanjana Mitra as Kotha, Bibriti Chatterjee as Laboni, Saswati Guha Thakurta, Mrinal Mukherjee, Sujata Ghosh, Atrayee Bose, Ina Bagchi & Others. Publicity : Now Entertainment.

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