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Quotes On The Special Economic Package Announced By The Prime Minister

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 25th May 2020 : “When the lockdown was announced it was a very big step taken by the Central Government and state governments. It was understood that it will cause immense hardship to all Indian citizens but the majority of Indian citizens supported the government decision and did what was asked from them. Now the time had come for the government to reciprocate and appreciate the efforts taken by the Indian citizens which they have done by giving the largest ever package Indian economy has ever seen. What has been more important is the message communicated by the honourable Prime Minister that we have to make India great again. Together we will overcome this COVID pandemic and come out as a stronger safer and healthier nation.”
Mr Abhishek Bhardwaj, Chief Marketing Officer, Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd:“The special package announced by PM Modi to revive the Indian economy post the COVID crisis is laudable. The focus of the package is on ease of doing business, ease of compliance, and regulation, which is indeed the need of the hour. The proposal for the extension for real estate projects under RERA is the welcome step. The treatment of coronavirus as an event of ‘force majeure’ under RERA, issuance of fresh project registration certificates automatically with revised timelines and extension of the registration and completion date suo-moto by 6 months for all registered projects expiring on or after 25th March 2020 without individual applications are welcome initiatives by the government for giving the real estate industry the required boost it requires.”
Mr Rishi Jain, Managing Director, Jain Group:
“The government has taken cognisance of the economic impact of the COVID Virus and started its economic stimulus measures … but more needs to be done before any major impact is seen.

Government measures towards MSME are commendable, it shows the sensitivity and feedback taking approach and must be congratulated.

it is disappointing to see no relief for the hospitality sector, the hardest-hit industry.

The relief proposed for real estate also lacks anything substantial. Hopefully, this is the first of other more substantial measures.”
Mr B.L. Mittal, Founder & Executive Chairman,“The packages announced by the Honourable Finance Minister are in line with PM Modi’s vision of ‘Being Local’. The needed financial support to MSMEs is the most welcome feature. More than the financial stimulation meaning full reforms in land, labour and laws, this will have far-reaching positive impacts as it will open up the energy of India’s young population.”   Publicity : Sagittarius Inc

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