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“Shobdo Jobdo” captivates the audiences again launches a thrilling trailer

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 10th Feb 2020 : The air hadn’t cooled down yet after the teaser launch; the makers strike the audiences again with an even more captivating trailer of Shobdo Jobdo, Sourav Chakraborty’s next. In this directorial of his Sourav narrates the story of a best-selling author, who, in a turn of events begins to get haunted by his past. The trailer, in about a minute and a half, takes us through the crux of the plot through snippets of scenes and dialogues and from whatever bits of the series we got to see, there’s no doubt that Shobdo Jobdo is already a winner when it comes to cinematography.

Produced by Trickster and Span Productions and featuring Rajat Kapoor in the lead along with Paayel Sarkar, Mumtaz Sorcar and others in significant roles, Shobdo Jobdo is giving us goosebumps and shivers with its ever-so-mysterious trailer; as if the teaser hadn’t already arrested out minds! From what we could make out, this is surely going to be one exciting rollercoaster ride that would last with us for quite some time. In the era when thrillers are ruling the world of entertainment, it becomes even more challenging to continuously produce better and more engaging content every single time. But from a super-talented Sourav Chakraborty who gave us Dhanbad Blues that tied us to our screens, we sure have high expectations and faith. What excites us more is the anticipation that the trailer invokes.

One continues to imagine as to what could probably be the climax of the story. Is it only hallucination or delusion? Or is there a greater game in the background? Is it only a fiction or is there some truth that needs to be uncovered? Can it be the author’s disorder or is it a conspiracy? For now, we can only guess and wait for the series to be streaming on Hoichoi this month. Dear makers, release it already! We can’t wait! Hope Hoichoi will create a real “hoichoi” this time! Publicity : Eventframe.

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