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Estee Lauder Introduces New Advanced Night Repair Multi Recovery Complex

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 15th Sept 2020 : Backed by an unprecedented new discovery in the scientific field of Epigenetics, Estée Lauder introduces the revolutionary new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex. With breakthrough new ChronoluxTM Power Signal Technology, newAdvanced Night Repairnow supports skin’s natural repair more effectively than ever, and for the first time, helps skin increase its natural renewal of fresh new cells and production of collagen for firmer skin. Advanced Night Repair absorbs fast as it works to reduce the look of multiple signs of aging and helps protect skin from the environmental assaults of modern life.  After one week skin looks radiant and plumped with hydration, after just three weeks lines appear reduced and skin appears more even toned, after six weeks, skin feels firmer, pores are diminished with visible improvements in texture.[1]

Breakthrough Epigenetics Discovery

In the scientific field of epigenetics, it has been shown that only around 25% of aging is predetermined by your genes. The remaining 75% of the aging process is believed to be influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors. In the early 2000s a powerful new class of epigenetic micro signaling molecules were discovered. These small molecules are present throughout the body, and quickly communicate responses to external changes.

For the past seven years, Estée Lauder scientists researched over 80 micro signaling molecules found in skin cells to better understand their role in skin aging. In a breakthrough discovery, Estée Lauder identified a specific micro signaling molecule that is essential to skin’s natural repair and promotes multiple vital anti-aging pathways. Significantly, this micro signaling molecule helps skin increase its natural renewal of fresh, new cells and boosts its natural collagen production.[2] Estée Lauder’s in vitro research also shows that the level of this micro signaling molecule in skin cells declines as part of the aging process.

New ChronoluxTM Power Signal Technology

Inspired by the science of epigenetics, this exclusive technology, including a new patent-pending micro signaling molecule activator, is powered by a proprietary blend of yeast extract, a peptide, and plant-derived ingredients to help maximize skin’s natural repair fast and boost skin’s natural youth-generating power.

  • Helps rapidly ignite a dynamic, connected repair network to help promote skin’s natural repair processes.
  • Helps support the natural synchronization of skin’s renewal processes so skin repairs at exactly the right time – at night and maximizes skin’s natural night and day rhythm of repair and protection.
  • Supports skin cells’ natural purification process to help address cellular damage.
  • Helps skin increase its natural skin cell renewal and production of fresh new skin cells by 43%.[3]
  • Helps skin increase its natural production of collagen.[4]

Fast Repair and Youth-Generating Power

Clinical Results1:


  • Skin feels significantly smoother
  • Skin appears more radiant
  • Skin’s moisture level is boosted


  • Appearance of lines is diminished
  • Skin appears more even toned


  • Appearance of lines and wrinkles is diminished


  • Visible skin texture is improved
  • Pores appear diminished
  • Skin feels significantly firmer

Sensory Results[5]:


  • 91% of women said the product absorbed into skin quickly
  • 90% said skin felt softer
  • 88% said skin felt hydrated


  • 93% said skin felt smoother
  • 93% said skin felt hydrated
  • 92% said skin felt supple
  • 90% said their skin was left with a healthy glow


  • 94% said skin felt hydrated
  • 93% said skin looked vibrant
  • 93% said skin looked more radiant
  • 88% said skin appeared more even toned

New Sleek Glass Bottle

The apothecary inspired “little brown bottle” has been reimagined, and transformed into stunningly crafted premium, recyclable glass, with a sleek silhouette and enhanced translucency gradient for a more ‘lit from within” glow.


Apply on clean skin before moisturizer, AM and PM.

  1. Appropriate for all skin types and all ethnicities. Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested, Non-acnegenic.
  • Free of oil, mineral oil

Patented until 2033.

Tested & Proven on Indian skin.

[1]Clinical testing on 35 Indian women after using product for 6 weeks, twice daily

[2] In vitro testing.

[3] In vitro testing of a key active in ChronoluxTM Power Signal Technology on 62-year old skin cells over 7 days.

[4] In vitro testing of ChronoluxTM Power Signal Technology actives after 72 hours.

[5] Sensory testing on 112 Indian women after using Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex product 50ml for 4 weeks, twice daily. Effect varies by individual. Publicity : Eastman Communications.

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