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Lions Foundation Day Project Celebrated

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 4th July 2020 : When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it hit hard as the global economy ground to a virtual halt. The hardest hit sectors were the informal workforce sector, the ‘essential workers’ sector which includes rag pickers, doms, sweepers and janitors, office peons, small office clerks. Some of these people live in places where social distancing is a luxury: Dingy ghettos with barely a foot between two houses with some of these ‘houses’ being barely wide enough for five or six people to sleep in, not live in. Some of the people of the lower middle strata of our siciett cannot beg and are forced to starve themselves and their families day after day. Many among these people do not have a ration card to avail government rations. Lions Clubs International, District 322B2, on the foundation day anniversary, has taken a leap in reaching out to people and the society at large, in various ways. The Organisation, has come together with the common ideology of “We Serve”, in such dire circumstances. They have not ceased themselves to any roadblock, and is out on the streets, going to deep interiors of the state, to provide the basic necessities. The most energetic citizens of the country and members of various Lions clubs have, on one single day has conducted Blood Donation camp, where the members themselves have donated blood to help meet the crisis; Served over 1200 people meals, by their project “Roti wheels”, they have planted several trees, to replenish the greeneries all across the state.

They have further taken the initiative to touch upon those who are badly affected by both economy as well as the severe medical conditions, by sponsoring Dialysis of the underprivileged people. At, the same time they have also taken the initiative of supporting education off several Undepriviled children. They think, the service to the society also includes service towards the animals, therefore they have also served the cows, at Gowshala, under their project Gowseva. Further, they have taken the step towards the safety, by distributing masks to the margenalised section.

On one day, they are doing such 20 activities, and this just shows the day, what is waiting for the 365 days to come. The lead of such a courageous and empowering movement towards the society, Lion Arun Jain, who is the District Governor of Lions Clubs International, District 322B2 in his maiden speech stated “During this pandemic, if there is one thing that needs to be done – Is to stand by the society and serve our own people, our own environment, our own animals, our own society, because, if not now, then when? If not we,then who? ” He also released several doves, as the symbol of peace in the world. Lion Jain, also motivated his other Lions Colleagues, that – Whatever service is done by the members, it should be done with utmost safety, precaution and with all the governmental norms maintained. Publicity : Beyond Dreams

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