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Tata Motors registered domestic sales of 11,012 units in March 2020

Desk Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata,1st April 2020 : Tata Motors Limited today announced its sales in the domestic & international market, for the month of March 2020, which stood at 12,924 vehicles, compared to 74,679 units during March 2019. 

Domestic Sales Performance:

Category Mar ’20 Mar ’19 % change FY20 FY19 % Change
Total Domestic Sales 11,012 68,727 -84% 4,42,052 6,78,835 -35%

Domestic – Commercial Vehicles:

Mr. Girish Wagh, President, Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors Ltd. said, “Cumulatively, commercial vehicle domestic sale for FY20 at 3,10,855 units was -34% lower than FY19. Retail was 16% higher than offtake for the entire year.  Domestic sales in March 2020 was 5,336 units, deeply impacted by the COVID 19 lockdown as well as the planned transition to BSVI. Retail sales was significantly ahead of wholesales (>300%). Almost all BSIV vehicles in the ecosystem have been retailed, however, some await registration which was halted due to the lockdown. This will be cleared in the window provided. Productionization of BSVI vehicles was on track and we have wholesaled the initial few BSVI vehicles.

Our focus is to secure the extensive business continuity plan including ensuring full support to all our customers in need, particularly those who are transporting the essential goods during this challenging period”

  Category Mar’20 Mar’19 % change FY20 FY19 % Change
M&HCV 1,601 15,327 -90% 75,485 151,105 -50%
I & LCV 1,033 6,730 -85% 41,949 56,996 -26%
Passenger Carriers 1,637 7,239 -77% 37,698 54,207 -30%
SCV cargo and pickup 1,065 21,621 -95% 1,55,723 2,06,384 -25%
Total Domestic 5,336 50,917 -90% 3,10,855 4,68,692 -34%
CV Exports 1,787  5,619 -68% 29,845 51,085 -42%
Total CV  7,123 56,536 -87% 3,40,700 5,19,777 -34%

Total M&HCVs sales in FY20 including M&HCV Truck, Buses and International Business stood at 98,579 units compared to 1,86161 units in FY19.

Domestic – Passenger Vehicles:

Mr. Mayank Pareek, President, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors Ltd. said, “Vehicle sales was affected by the COVID 19 outbreak and the subsequent nationwide lockdown. However, the customer response to our newly launched models – the Altroz and the refreshed BSVI range is encouraging. Our BSIV vehicle stock is near zero in the entire network.

I would be handing over to Mr. Shailesh Chandra who I am sure will take the PV team and the business to the next level, by delivering an exciting customer experience and building on the strength of the NEW FOREVER product portfolio.”

  Category Mar ’20 Mar ’19 % change FY20 FY19 % Change
Total PV 5,676 17,810 -68% 1,31,197 2,10,143 -38%


IMPORTANT NOTE: In continuation of our drive to focus on retails and drive ecosystem viability, Tata Motors will henceforth stop reporting monthly wholesale numbers from next month (ie April 2020) and instead report quarterly wholesale and retail numbers. In the current volatile scenario, we believe this helps us take the right long-term decisions for the business, helps our dealers to focus on serving customers and helps our investors to focus on the long term drivers of the business and avoid needless short term volatility. Publicity : Carpediem Communique.

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