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74th year Samaj Sebi Sangha pays respect and brings joy to autistic individuals

Desk Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 2nd Aug 2019 : Samaj  Sebi Sangha sets a benchmark every year by celebrating Durga Pujo with a purpose. The theme for their 74th Pujo is Labour Inclusion. The core idea of the pujo was decided keeping in mind the reflection of the true meaning of the name — Samaj Sebi; the name that their ancestors have carried with pride for last 74 years. This time they bow their heads in respect to the efforts put in by the people, who only give but get very less in return.

The earthly things that we see around us is either created by God and perfected by nature or painfully crafted by the working class. These people have created numerous wonders around the world. Our lives have been easier and better due to the concerted continuous efforts put in by them. These people have no name, no identity.

In one of his poems about nature, Kobiguru glorified God by saying, “You are greater than your own creation”. Samaj Sebi believes the same about these people.

This Durga Pujo every corner of Samaj Sebi Sangha will embrace the stories of these people, their lifestyle along with their token of respect- “Kurnish”. The concept has been ideated by Pradip Das.

Apart from salutations to the workers, Samaj Sebi extends its vision of service by reaching out to Autism Society of West Bengal (ASWB) to give the autistic people the grand experience of Sharodiya Utsob.

Ms. Indrani Basu, Director, ASWB, said, “Inclusion of individuals with disabilities in mainstream community is not possible without the community members extending a helping hand and accommodating them in their daily life. Durga Pujo is close to the heart of every person in West Bengal. We are overjoyed to learn about this wonderful initiative of Samaj Sebi Sangha to enhance community participation of this marginalised group of autistic individuals.”   

Mr. Arijit Maitra, General Secretary, Samaj Sebi Sangha said, “Durga Pujo is a joyous affair for everyone. At Samaj Sebi our principles are very straightforward. We pay respect to the deserving and believe in bringing happiness to all; which is mirrored in our efforts this year”

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