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New Fashion Store at Kolkata with Indian Essence ‘Nisha M Loyalka’

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 21st Feb 2020 : Kolkata witnessed the launch of a new fashion store at Shakespeare Sarani, Embassy Building, opp. Theatre Market. Nisha Singh is the women behind this new fashion store. A new range of collections starting from trending fashion to Ethnic collections are available. The store will be catering to all kinds of occasional wears. The best part being the availability of the option of customizing your style and making it completely exclusive is also being done.

As an Indian woman and designer, Nisha Singh is breaking barriers defined for women in South Asia employed in the creative field. She is original, experimental and inventive, all of which feed into her career as a fashion designer. From the very beginning Nisha always had the vision of making dresses that would be totally exclusive. She believes in designing dresses for us which would be unique and completely differ from other styles. She was determined to use Indian fabrics and as she wants to help our Indian weavers too with her contribution.

Nisha’s ideology of fashion has also been applauded in ramps outside of India. She showcased her capsule collection AW 2017, London Fashion Week, which went on to be featured in the British Vogue, Fabuk, The Upcoming, Frumpy to funky, Zimbio and Noctics and was the first fashion designer from West Bengal to walk the ramp and win the ‘Fashion Scout’ award. She has a vision of making her new store unique in a way which will blend Indian and western style together to create a new style destination.

Her new store ‘Nisha M Loyalka’ focuses in Indian ethnic and style with a touch of modern trends. The store is splendidly designed in a way that customers can easily find their preferred styles with ease. Dresses have been showcased section wise. If someone wants to see party wear clothes, then there’s a different corner which is completely dedicated for casual party wears.  Just like that if someone wants to wear bridal occasion dresses, then there’s a whole different section for that.  There’s  a different section for men’s wear , where pure ethnic clothes like men’s kurta are available in different styles. Nisha Singh also has specially designed those clothes with hand painted designs, making it even more eye catchy and colorful to wear.

JLN Fashion from Sri Lanka is also a part of ‘Nisha M Loyalka’. Niroshi Gajantran being the owner, JNL Fashion is a Sri Lankan based investment company, focused in the field of fashion and arts.  She said, “When we initially saw Nisha’s designs , we felt a breathe of freshness to it. She had given a unique twist to the traditional arts and crafts”.

The store promises to be one of the best fashion destination in Kolkata. With 1500 sq. feet of spacious place, the store is well decorated. Simple yet properly decoration has been done on the store.  Interior design of the shop has been given well attention. Clothes has been showcased section wise. There are also people that has been kept to assist the customers in choosing their styles.

Indian actress ‘Moubani Sorcar’ came for the inauguration of the store. She said, “I wish Nisha Singh all the very best for her new store in the heart of Kolkata. Style is something that defines an individual, and Nisha M Loyalika is the new perfect destination for fashion lovers.”

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