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Solidaridad Spearheads Sustainable Revolution in Leather Industry, Redefining Environmental Standards

Ambar Bhattacharya, Takmaa News, Kolkata, 24th Nov 2023 : An ambitious European Union-funded project, “Effective Waste Management and Sustainable Development of MSMEs in Tanning,” spearheaded by Solidaridad, is revolutionizing the leather industry. Commenced in July 2020 with a budget of 3.2 million euros, this initiative focuses on sustainable practices in leather processing and solid waste recycling, addressing critical environmental concerns.

Solidaridad’s innovative approach centers on eco-friendly processes, drastically reducing pollution in leather processing. Their cost-effective mechanism, priced at ₹10,000, has remarkably cut water consumption by 50%, while enzyme-based processes replace conventional methods, curbing air pollution and elevating the eco-friendliness of leather production.

Collaborating with renowned entities like the National Institute of Natural Fibre and Engineering, Solidaridad extracts keratin from hair, providing a sustainable solution for its utilization. The project has achieved a 30 to 35% reduction in total dissolved solids and repurposed leather industry sludge into practical products like paver blocks and visiting cards. MR. PRADIPTA KONAR (Senior Programme Manager – Leather Solidaridad), Mr. PRASANNA MADURI (Campus Manager, Stahl India), Ms. ALICE VAGO (Secretary General – PISIE), Mr. TATHEER ZAIDI (Asia Head, Pollution Management in MSMES – SOLIDARIDAD), Mr. MUKHTARUL AMIN (Former Chairman, Council for Leather Exports & CMD – Super House Limited), Mr. FRANCK VIAULT (Head of Cooperation Delegation of the European Union to India), Mr. JOOST GEIGER (Head of Economy Affairs Embassy of Netherlands – India), Mr. IMRAN AHMED KHAN (General Secretary CLC Tanners Association), Mr. RAMESH JUNEJA (Regional Chairman, Council of Leather Exporta Ministry of Commerce; Government of lndla), Mr. ZIA NAFIS (Joint Secretary CLC Tanners Association) attended the event.

At a recent event attended by key industry figures and stakeholders, including representatives from Stahl India, PISIE, the CLC Tanners Association, and European Union delegates, Solidaridad showcased the significant strides made toward sustainable leather processing and waste management.

Mr. Tatheer Zaidi, Asia Head of Pollution Management in MSMEs at Solidaridad, remarked, “Our collaborative efforts aim to set new industry standards, reducing pollution and converting by-products into valuable resources.”

Solidaridad continues to lead the charge, partnering with industry leaders globally, to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious leather industry.

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