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Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals launches Plastic, Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Burns, Plastic Surgery Centre & Breast Cancer Clinic at Salt Lake

Ambarnath Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 17th August 2019 : Ganga Hospital Coimbatore has started a new outreach centre of Breast Cancer &Plastic Surgery at Salt Lake City, Kolkatta. Ganga Hospital is a world renowned 500 bedded hospital in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The Announcement & Inauguration was done today at Monotel, Kolkata by: Dr Raja Sabapathy, Head of the department of Plastic surgery Ganga Hospital; Dr Hari Venkatramani, Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon Ganga Hospital; Dr Raja Shanmuga Krishnan, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon & Aesthetic Surgeon.

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Ganga Hospital is one of the busiest plastic surgery units in the world performing more than 11,000 plastic surgeries every year. In addition to getting patients from around the world, the plastic surgery department from Ganga Hospital is proud that it is also the favoured destination for doctors as it has trained more than 1600 doctors from 66 countries and 134 cities in India. The goal at Ganga Hospital is to do the best treatment available at an affordable cost to the patient and be very ethical. This is how we have been able to grow as a big unit in the country. With volume, we have been able to get better in our work and give good results. At Ganga Hospital, the plastic surgery department does the entire spectrum of plastic surgery namely hand surgery, trauma reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, burns, brachial plexus surgery, faciomaxillary surgery, head and neck surgery, cosmetic surgery, diabetic foot and oncoplastic breast surgery.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancers among women and accounts for about one third of all cancers in women. When detected and treated early , breast cancer can be cured due to the latest advancements in the treatment of breast cancer. As a part of the treatment, the breast is removed due to breast cancer in many women. Not having a breast can be emotionally very difficult for women and women get reminded of the disease every time they see themselves in the mirror. Most women want to move on. We offer breast reconstruction to all patients for whom the breast has to be removed and give the women a choice to have their breasts reconstructed or not. The excess skin and fat below the umbilicus which women do not like can be reshaped to form a new breast. 

This excess skin and fat is taken along with its blood vessel and is then an astomosed to the blood vessel in the chest or the armpit to make a new breast.It can be done in the same time as the operation to remove the breast or it can also can be done even after the breast has been removed. It is preferable to have the breast reconstructed in the same operation as that of removal of the breast as it looks better. In addition the treatment of breast cancer and breast reconstruction are all done within the same time. With breast reconstruction women are able to get into dresses of their choice. Even simple problems like choosing a bra is also made easier for the patients. Women approach life with more confidence when they go out to attend social functions. It is now routine practice in the west to reconstruct the breast in the same operation as that of removal of the breast. 

But now patients do not have to go to Coimbatore they can consult and fix up all appointments at Kolkata with the doctors from Ganga Hospital physically interact at The Speciality Clinic, GC 211 Salt Lake Sector 3, Kolkata- 700106. Phone- +91 98304 33787. Publicity : Media Connect. Photography : Gopal Debnath.

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