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Actress Rachel White turns into an entrepreneur with “The Vanity”

Ambarnath Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 24th July 2019 : She is a well-known face in the entertainment industry and needs no introduction. Beautiful and talented, Kolkata’s very own Rachel White has a gift of love for the City of Joy. The actress turns into an entrepreneur with “The Vanity” – a one stop destination for hair and skin care, nail spa and nail extension, and makeup services provided by a team of experts. Located at Uniworld City, Downtown Mall, Block C 102, New Town, Rajarhat, Action Area 3, Kolkata – 700156, the compact 600 square foot salon has been created with the theme of vanity van where women and men can feel pampered, cozy and special in a friendly environment.

What made her think of opening a salon in Kolkata? Rachel says, “I always wanted to open one. 

I’m passionate about all things hair skin and beauty. In fact, In 2011 I almost went ahead with finalizing a place and plan but got cold feet at the last moment and dropped the idea putting it on hold till I felt I was fully prepared to take on the challenges of running a business, multitask and manage my time well between modeling, acting and a business. Kolkata is the obvious choice because it’s home. Also, I feel there is still scope for full service salons catering to all salon needs without compromising on any or either.” 

Rachel believes that there is a right time for everything in life and for her, 2019 is the year of transformation by taking the first step towards expanding her portfolio. After waiting for the last few years, she decided to take the plunge of making her dream of a salon come true. “One big plus point was time management for me who’s juggling between two cities. I feel what changed between 2011 and 2019 for me as an actor was the Whatsapp age – auditions, costume trials, scripts , dialogues and sometimes even dubbing goes through the phone and one doesn’t need to be physically present and a lot of work can be achieved just using the phone smartly leaving one with enough time to pursue other things they’re passionate about.”

Thus, was born “The Vanity” which opens in July 2019 at Rajarhat, where the actress turned entrepreneur lives now. According to her, that area needs a salon that can be trusted and has now become a major hub with both residential and office spaces creating the perfect scene for a reputable salon.   

The Vanity has services like facials, manicure, pedicure, hair treatments and colour, nail art and much more starting from INR 900 onwards. Open every day from 11am to 8.30pm, the salon also has a special offer called “The Lunch Break” where corporate professionals and students can get a discount on showing their ID proofs.

Talking about her own beauty regimen, Rachel says, “I believe in taking care now for long term benefits. Being well groomed is important no matter which industry one belongs too. 

Regular facials and hair spa is important because constant hair products used while shooting leaves my hair damaged. Heat from hairstyling during shoots gives me recurring problems with split ends so I make it a point to trim my hair at least once a month. This followed by home care for my skin and hair. Regular hair masks and a night cream is something I follow religiously.”

What are her beauty tips for monsoon? “The pleasantness of monsoons can feel great for your skin, however the skin can also feel sticky at times and the hair becomes very limp and frizzy too. For monsoons I usually use a lightweight serum during the day for my face and skin. Make up should be matte finish, waterproof and very minimal, just limited to a BB cream, little concealing if required, a waterproof liner and mascara and some lip balm or gloss. For hair, I make sure to keep my scalp clean and oil free to avoid the oiliness and frizz. I fully dry my hair follow it up with an anti-frizz serum. I usually prefer tied hairstyles during monsoon as it’s easier to manage,” she concludes. Publicity : Supreeta Singh.

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