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Global Love an Indo American collaboration music vedio again bagged 8th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 22nd July 2018 : Global Love- instrumental world music project featuring internationally acclaimed percussion maestro and music director Abhishek Basu,  flamenco guitar maestro Roberto Corrias from USA,santoor exponent Chiradip Sarkar,  There recent musical short film GLOBAL LOVE, based on a song on instrumental trio of flamenco guitar,tabla,Santoor mainly backed up by keyboards and sarangi, and Kahon percussions,composed by Roberto himself,rhythm arranged by Abhishek and Indian classical feels added by chiradip, has already been nominated and awarded for several international film festivals like-

1. CEFALU FILM FESTIVAL (ITALI) – Semi finalist.


3. CROWNWOOD FILM FESTIVAL (Kolkata)- best music video


5. VIRGIN SPRING CINE FEST (Kolkata) – Best music video solver award

6.  DRUK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Bhutan) – Best music video critics award.

7.  NEAR NAZARETH FILM FESTIVAL (Israel)- nominated


9. MOHUL WOODS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ( Purulia) – best music video award.


11. 12 MONTHS FILM FESTIVAL ( Romania)- nominated for audience choice award.

12. KOLKATA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL- won for the best music video category.

There are 60 more festival listings where GLOBAL LOVE has been sent, and the decisions are pending. This 21st July it will be screened at MONOTEL, for Kolkata shorts international film festival, along side all other award winning international films from different countries to be shown.

GLOBAL LOVE is directed by Tejas Gandhi (Fashion Designer) where music done by Roberto Corrias, Abhishek Basu, Chiradip Sarkar and Khushi Khatun (as the lead actress), Riti Chowdhury (2nd lead), Raj Sonar (male lead), Tanmoy sardar (2nd male lead), Somenath , Sakina (transgender), Amrita, Ankita Ghosh,Tushar maitra and Sumita Maitra, Tejas Gandhi (Internationally acclaimed fashion designer as costume designer),Jhumi (make up and hair), Subhajit Bhowmik (cinematographer) and also co produced by Hemant Marda. The award was handed over to Maestro Abhishek Basu and Ace Fashion Designer Tejas Gandhi and Hemant Marda (Co-producer of Global Love) by Rita Jhawar (renowned film producer) and Manoj Michigan (famous tollywood director). On this occasion Kamili (Film maker from Kazakhstan) and many others.

The story of Global Love is about three friends in Kolkata who love music and observes various essence of Love.   They stopover at a building where a couple in their 70s celebrating their 50th anniversary with the same compassion and feel that they had during their time of wedding. This aged couple’s next door neighbor is a young girl goes to meet her girlfriend who is waiting for her. These young girls share vivacious and bubbly relationship… carefree Love. 
Further they catch a sight transgender and a man who meets on a busy road have yea, simple and regular friendly love. 3 friends sight shifts to this such a cute little dog who shares a beautiful bonding with his owner. Later these friends noticed a unconventional couple, Muslim girl and Christian boy, who is carefree yet rooted in Love with each other. They pass by a young cute guy waiting for his boyfriend and share sensitivity and warmth over a coffee. 
Love here refers to the emotion of a strong attraction. It can be virtues of representing person compassion, affection and kindness towards other human, one self or animal. 
Love, the word has variety of meaning in different contexts. 
Love has no definite form ageless, love for anyone, puppy love, friendship love, unconditional love……. where age, sex, religion, gender, animal or same sex has no boundaries. 

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