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Rubaru Mr and Miss India 2019 announces its First Edition in Kolkata on 16th Nov

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 13th Nov 2019 : Rubaru is a pan India initiative in association with iGlam that looks forward not only to beauty but also is dedicated in promoting the protection of girl child. The pageant welcomes both women and men who aim to achieve and identify their personal values and strengths. iGlam held a press conference to announce its First Edition of Mr. and Miss. India in Kolkata at Press Club today. The occasion witnessed the presence of Ms. Ddevjani Mitra,MD I-Glam East India Director Rubaru Group, Mr. Burzin Bharucha, Mumbai Socialite, Ms. Parul Sehgal Gulati State Director, Kolkata, iGlam, Ms. Sabi Lodhi, State Coordinator, Kolkata, iGlam,  Ritu Saluja, Groomer, Bobby Agarwal, Groomer , Irani Mitra, State Coordinator, Rai Kishore, State Coordinator, Shobhodeep Mitra, State Coordinator, Tuhina Pandey, State Coordinator, Neha Chopra, State Coordinator, Surjit Kaur, State Coordinator, Ms. Papree Bhowmik, State Director Asansol and Durgapur, iGlam, Sona Makeup and Master Rubaru Shivangsh Nathani.

Rubaru from time to time has always been dedicated to serve the society in some way or the other. This time through Mr and Miss India, the brand serves to highlight and dedicate itself in the cause ‘Save Girl Child’. Save girl child is one of the most important issues India is facing nowadays. This campaign was started as a concern over the declining sex ratio of the girl child. The problem is not just of a single state but it has become a problem of whole nation. It aims at improving the health of the girls, their safety, education, the abolition of female feticide, personal and professional development etc.

Rubaru Mr and Miss India is a is a platform which gives an impetus to the fresh budding talent, exposure to a wider audience besides providing them with more opportunities to grow and earn well.It is an effort to bring together the best talents of India and Indian residing overseas on a single platform.

Ddevjani Mitra, Managing Director, i-Glam said, “Beauty isn’t about a pretty face, but an outstanding personality brimming with confidence.The idea is to reach to as many talented people who are enthusiastic to build a career in the fashion, modelling or acting industry and prove their mettle.It’s always a pleasure to see more millennials coming forward and expressing their eagerness towards showcasing  their talents and highlighting their strengths.

Rubaru Mr.andMiss India Kolkata auditions will be held on 16th November 2019.A rigorous round of auditions has been held to culiminate young fresh talents which will be futher groomed by talented industry professionals. Rubaru Mr and Miss India will select a total of number of 5 contestants each from Kolkata who will be given the title of Mr. and Miss Bengal. Rubaru Mr.India will be hosting their final round of auditions in Mumbai in April 2020 and Miss India finale will be held in Delhi in March 2020.

I-Glam is an institution that provides personality developments to people from various industries including marketing, fashion, hospitality, etc. i-Glam believes that a well built personality is all that one needs, whatever be his/her profession. A well built personality and confidence is the key to success at every step of life. Publicity : Candid Communication.

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