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Globally 4 Sepsis patients dies from every ten, awareness needed for doctors and patients

Ambar Bhattacharya, Takmaa News, Kolkata, 18th Nov 2023 : According to a survey of World Health Organization WHO in 2017, in every year 48.9 million people have been suffered from Sepsis globally. Half of them are children of less than five years. Sepsis may be occurred to any infection. It is one of the major reason of death happened for multi organ failure for sepsis. Every year about 11 million patients are died including 2.9 million children. It is assumed that the numbers have been increased in the post covid period. The death rate is more than double in developing countries like India than the developed countries. The specialist doctors hope this unfortunate death may be controlled by taking some precautions at the preliminary stage.

Sepsis is the main subject of the seminar of 30th ISCCM Day organized by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine Kolkata Branch. Dr. Souren Panja, eminent critical care specialist and chair person of ISCCM Kolkata Branch has said that the treatment of this dreaded disease has been highly dependent on the right diagnosis and prevention at early stage. The death rate may be controlled, if the actual treatment is started at this stage. Dr. Saswati Sinha, Secretary has said that viral, bacterial, parasite infection may be changed to sepsis.

The people of extreme age group (children and aged persons), pregnant, new mothers, and patients of chronic disease, cancer and chemo therapy patients have more risks of sepsis than others. From the discussions of Dr. Asif Iqbal, Dr. Soutik Panda and others members it is revealed that Sepsis may be controlled and cured if the right multidisciplinary treatment is started as early as possible before the failure of vital organs like heart, liver and kidney at the advanced stage. Dr. Dipanjan and Dr. Partha Goswami have informed that 40% sepsis patients have been died after multi organ failure even under best treatment. Among these 300, 52%have community acquired infection and remain 48% have health care acquired. From a very recent survey of the members of the Society among the 300 patients of 7 hospitals of Kolkata it is revealed that, 30% of them are suffering from sepsis. In most cases pneumonia and urinary tract infection have been changed to sepsis.

Dr. Sudipta Mukherjee, Dr. J Sharma and many others super specialists have been present to this seminar. From this discussion it is also noted that overuse of antibiotic is too dangerous since drag resistant infection is more life threatening than the others. So, mass awareness is also necessary for control of this dreaded disease.

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