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Fortis Hospital Doctor’s guide to a healthy marathon at this year’s Tata Steel Kolkata 25K

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 14th Dec 2019 : Red Road, on 15th December, Sunday at 6 am, will be bustling with a swarm of energized feet, ready to take on the battle of running the TATA Steel Kolkata 25K course. As a Medical Partner to the run, Fortis Hospital has listed essential health and emergency factors to be kept in mind before stepping into those running shoes on the D-Day.  Dr. Sanjukta Dutta, Head of Emergency Services, Fortis Hospital Anandapur has shared the following safety tips:

  1. Get adequate sleep the night before the race. Ensure you sleep very well on Friday night since the night before the big race you may not sleep too well.
  2. The night before the race day, have a dinner rich in carbohydrates but do not over eat.
  3. Have a light snack and arrive well before start time to avoid last minute anxiety and chaos.
  4. Run at your own pace without being influenced by others around you.
  5. It is essential to warm up before the race. Make sure you exercise at a slower pace during the first 5 minute of your warm up.
  6. Cool down over the last 5 minutes at the end of the race. Do not stop suddenly.
  7. Consume water or other rehydration fluids at regular intervals. Know your sweat rate and consume fluid in proportion to it. If you don’t know your sweat rate it is ideal to drink 200-250 ml fluid every 20 minutes.
  8. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY: Please seek medical assistance immediately, if you experience chest discomfort, unusual shortness of breath, nausea or giddiness during the race. DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE RACE. Your health is of paramount importance.
  9. Do not experiment with anything new – be it your running pattern, goals, shoes, clothes, food or energy drinks – on the daily of race.
  10. Remember to write down your emergency contact number and any significant medical history at the back of your running bib.

Dr. Ashwin Chowdhary, Consultant – Foot & Ankle Surgeon,Department of Bone and Joint Care, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, has pointed out that runners need to prioritize selection of proper shoes and socks.

  1. Shop early for shoes prior to your race so they will be well broken in by race day.
  2. Shop for shoes in the afternoon, when feet are more swollen and try different shoes from different manufacturers.
  3. Try to have from ½ to 1 inch of space from your longest toe to the end of the toe box.
  4. Get the right type of socks. Ill-fitting or indecent pair of socks is one of the leading root causes of blisters and other running trouble. Avoid typical cotton socks. These absorb moisture and can result in blister formation. The best socks for running are lightweight and made from water-resistant materials such as wool or synthetics that wick away moisture and prevent blisters. Avoid running without socks as they make the feet prone to blisters and discomfort.

This is the 6th Edition of TATA Steel Kolkata 25K with Argentinean football legend Hernan Crespo as the International Event Ambassador. The only IAAF accredited Silver Label race, TSK25K has taken a unique initiative of awarding the every 25K finisher a “Medal of Steel”, specially crafted by TATA Steel.  

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