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Health advisory for teachers on Teacher’s Day by Dr. Joydeep Ghosh, Fortis Hospital

Desk Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 4th Sept 2019 : One of the things that teachers need to do, on a day to day basis, is speak out loud, which strains their vocal chords. Prolonged strain may lead to a hoarse voice and persistent coughing. To prevent this, teachers should avoid speaking loud or talk less, during free periods or when at home. This will help them give some rest to their vocal chords.

Hot water steam (Steaming Remedy) is a good method to relieve one of coughing. If the coughing and hoarseness persists, they should consult a doctor.

  • Teachers have a tendency to develop osteoarthritis in the old age. This can happen for two major reasons:
    • While in the classrooms, teachers need to stand for long hours, which build tension in their knees. To keep this in check, teachers should resort to sitting while teaching, whenever possible. Apart from this, avoid sitting on the floor  to prevent aggravating the condition
  • Constant use of index finger and thumb while writing with pen and chalk can lead to a kind of osteoarthritis in these fingers  
  • Teachers should consult a doctor to keep a tab on the Calcium and Vitamin deficiencies.
  • Chalk dust deposit in lungs can be a major cause of pulmonary diseases among teachers. Steps such as covering the nose and mouth while using dusters, usage of masks, or using any other medium altogether (other than chalk and duster) can avoid this.
  • Teachers can go overboard with stress of completing the syllabus on time as also attending to each student and their individual needs. To keep stress at bay, teachers should engage in some kind of entertainment activity or a hobby of their choice to relax their minds. Routine practice of yoga and meditation is also an effective medium to ensure good mental health of teachers.   Publicity : Carpe Diem Communique.

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