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Apeejay Business Centre Being The Catalyst For Start Ups, Medium And Big Corporate Business

Ambarnath Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata 14th August 2019 : Today we  will provide the limelight to Digital Marketing for Startups and how can

it be helpful in growing there startups fast and efficiently!!Before Starting, Let’s First Understand What actually is a Startup? So most start ups have few things in common, they are a small business yet innovative, generally based online, and often follow growth hacking methods to grow exponentially in lesser time. In the discussion speakers present were Kumar Shivam (Business Development, Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Supreeta Singh (Digital Communication Strategist), Swati J Jalan (2.0 Communication) and moderated by Luna Chatterjee (Curator of Bengal Chambers Food Preneurs Consultant).

As we just said, startups look for the gaps in the existing market and bring the solutions, in other words, they develop products and services for some niche, which also involves a lot of risks.Be it a start up or medium scale  business due to  lack of  knowledge  and low budget often fail to channelize how to  grow business in terms of retaining or acquiring customers, or be it creating effective marketing . Though classroom course offers the advantage of direct interaction with your trainer as well as the other trainees coming from the diverse background which undoubtedly adds to the discussion and your knowledge.

Social Media Marketing is cost effective which is one of the greatest advantages and fits well with any small business or startups which doesn’t have the big budget to exhaust, grow quickly will serve many marketing goals at one time. Campaigns run on the digital platforms gives you the greater picture of your plan. Knowing and understanding the importance and benefit of digital marketing, now both national and international level companies are integrating it into their marketing plan. The impact of social media marketing help the brands to increase reach in a faster way, more video communication creates impact on the audience.

Pull marketing is greater than push marketing is one of the key impacts of digital marketing. The result of social media marketing can be easily analysed and measured.

Cost Effective Tools :

On the other hand offices are no longer about the formal corporate look or the standard repetition. It allow people to create ideas together and offer a variety of experiences with a casual feel about it. The stylish hybrid environment, privacy, mobility and technology lead to increase in productivity and creativity significantly. The networking among individuals, start ups , medium scale and large companies also have opened an avenue for women entrepreneurs to grow in large numbers and thus the concept of co-working spaces have come into the industry .

What is co-working space model

An open layout of flexible workstations can benefit the business economically by reducing the costs tied to construction, utilities, and office equipment reducing the operational costs like rent, receptionist, housekeeping, recreational facilities, security, furniture cost, maintenance, IT etc . According to real estate services firm CBRE, the global average utilisation of assigned seats is 60%, excluding vacant seats, while the global average meeting room utilisation is just 30%. According to CBRE, the next few years, with office rents continuing to move up across India, the total space leased by co-working operators in tier-1 and tier-2 cities could touch 6-10 m sq. ft. by 2020.

With Indian economy maintaining stable outlook and GDP hovering around 7% plus is set to become the 5th largest economy of the world  overtaking United Kingdom . In the commercial real estate segment with the aim of reducing the cost of business and increasing productivity in India, the co-working spaces have become popular between large, medium and small enterprises. Start -ups are also gearing up to take advantage of the concept of “co-working office spaces” over the concept of conventional office spaces.

Apeejay Business Centre is one of India’s largest privately held co-working spaces and Plug and Play offices brand with Centres in  Delhi , Gurugram , Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and  Pune . Apeejay Business Centres are modern, premium workplaces synonymous with accessibility, business suitability and commercial viability. Apeejay Business Centre caters to the topmost business houses and hundreds of mid segment organisations and young entrepreneurs. Fully furnished plug and play work spaces in prime city centre spots, flexible co-working options from ABC offer immediate cost effective access to essential business and administrative services, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, IT connectivity and communications.

Apeejay Business Centre acts as a liaison between start ups , medium scale and corporates with industry experts who would share the right knowledge and plan to run their firms effectively by encashing the social media platform .

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