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HKFXTREME and designer ROHIT VERMA Presenting SONAGACHI “The strumpets an undying Sprits” with PRIDE GOLD JEWELRY

Priya Debnath, abptakmaa, Mumbai, 6th Oct 2020. : Designer Rohit Verma, known as one of the finest designer of his generation and a philantropist who has truly inspired social change. The designer Rohit Verma dedicates the collection to the murkiest place of the world. Sonagachi collection inspired by plight of women will feature along with other occasion wear designs. Famous actress Kashmira Shah and Donal Bisht will be face of the Sonagachi collection.

Designer Rohit Verma talking about Sonagachi collection “before Kulta Randi!! Chinaar!! Adjectives are endless when it comes to define existential presence in Sonagachi. The area that is hushed and not talked about by the so called elite or dignified. What transmogrifies an individual into a Strumpet?? Ordeals, bigger than life challenges, destiny or hypocrites like us! Solace, empathy or human gesture are a far cry from humanity when it comes to mentioning Sonagachi.”

Further added “Hailing and applauding those who are recklessly hooted and ostracised !! The Strumpets of Sonagachi !! Lauding the soul, the heart and the indomitable spirit of life on Sonagachi. Rohit Verma dedicates the collection to the murkiest place of the world where the Sun never fails to shine, the air never fails to rustle and the rain never fails to patter. Let us all touch them through empathy, kind words and revere for what they are. Let’s make a difference You and Me and accept them for what or who they are. Time we look beyond and introspect the circumstances that have led them to lead a life they live and not judge by our menial approach. They deserve respect and humanity, they are a creation of this universe just like you and me. Sonagachi where the battle is ongoing and the struggle to live comes with a price every moment. Love, Reverance and An Ode to Sonagachi. ‘The Strumpets an Undying Spirit ‘

Rohit Verma has always been vocal and supported the LGBTQ community and this time he is coming together with Nary Sing for the Sonagachi collection. PRIDE GOLD JEWELRY Kundan! Engraved with precious gems and crystals. This is 22 CT Gold Jewellery. A Trendsetter. Extraordinary Gold Jewellery with a Royal Touch.

Designer Rohit Verma’s Sonagachi collection has collaborated with Photography fashion film by Haider Khan, Make up hair by Ojas Rajani, Female model Cocoberry talent and Male model Babbu models, Cake by Genie bake, Choreography by Shakir Shaikh, Set Designed By MAJESTIC BHAROT MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT PVT.LTD, Lights Designed By DK PRODUCTION, Location courtesy Benchmark Plaza.

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