INIFD initiates Annual Exhibition 2023 at Lindsay Street

Ambar Bhattacharya, Takmaa News, Kolkata, 26th Sept 2023 : INIFD has always been an institute of National repute imparting education in Fashion & Interior Designing and over the years, it hasproduced students who are creative and want to go beyond the ordinary. INIFD, Lindsay Street was created in July 1995 with its corporate headquarters in Chandigarh, and has nurtured under the careful eyes of its Directors, Mr. John Mantosh and Mrs. Susan Mantosh. Inter National Institute of Fashion Design- the largest Global network of Design Institutes with more than 24 years of Trust, Performance & Success. INIFD has a Global presence with more than 5 Lac Pass Outs and 25,000 students passing out every year.
Since, the birth of the institute, it has kept up its standards of breeding a generation of young designers, who are now sought-after names in the fashion fraternity. Small wonder then, that at INIFD, there’s every opportunity to bring out the best talent.
However, INIFD, besides imparting training and education in such diverse fields as fashion and interior design, has churned out young designers, who are not only technically sound professionals but also responsible and enterprising individuals. Such students have represented INIFD Lindsay Street In international Fashion shows like New York Fashion Show, Lomdon Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Show.
Mrs. Susan Mantosh, Our Director mam, the most extraordinary, creative and versatile lady who has always nurtured this institute with her valuable suggestions and insights. Always help the students to think out of the box so that they can establish a new benchmark in their life.

Mr. Rapheal Mantosh, Fashion Stylist Mentor, Center Director associated with INIFD, Lindsay Street Campus. He took time to nurture his signature look and inherit these genes to INIFD students so that they can burgeon in future.
He has introduced this Photo shoot session prior to Fashion show enables students to acquire the in-depth look into the styling world, gathering information that they require to become powerful stylists thus awaking the students about the fashion altogether and acquainting them to strive in this competitive industry.

Welcome to the Annual Exhibition 2023!
Exhibitions in INIFD, Lindsay Street are always a visual treat. At INIFD, Lindsay Street we follow a 360 degree education approach. These exhibitions are the result! They are a window that focuses on the upcoming trends in design industry both for the Fashion and Interior. Students, mentored by respective faculties, bring out best of design solutions keeping in mind the future of design and eco-friendliness. The best part of these exhibitions are that the students do every bit of the work by themselves without any professional help. Therefore the students learn the practical aspects of designing, which makes them ready for handling real projects efficiently.
This is where INIFD, Lindsay Street excels over other designing institutes. Style Direction is the exhibition by the Interior Design students.

Every Indiv-Whale matters

The first picture that comes to our mind when we hear Marine Pollution is heaps of plastic floating on a blue ocean or fishes caught up within these dump. Taking inspiration from these very thought, we came up with an image of a fish that has ingested so much plastic that there was no space left for its organs… it’s a painful picture of death. Whale, inspite of being one of the largest mammal if could not survive Ocean Pollution, its difficult to imagine how the entire marine ecosystem surviving. With our installation we want to raise a message that its high time we take necessary steps to save our Marine World… Every Individu-Whale Matters!

Theme – Deforestation.
Our forests are worth more standing than they are cut down.” Our creation is basically based on the theme of deforestation and its effects on our mother nature. People started cutting down forests to create their habitat and for farming, that’s probably the starting of deforestation. Estimates are that 40–50% of the Earth’s original forest area has been lost over the years due to human needs and environmental effects.
Restorative ways can be adapted to save earth and it’s our responsibility to work towards. In our creation, we have shown all the causes, effects and the remedy to deforestation.
“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
The industries are an inseparable part of growing economy. But all the technologies and developments come at an expense, and that’s what we have tried to demonstrate in our installation. Ours is a chemical industry, producing evil willows of smoke and poisonous emissions. They have hazardous effects on the surrounding environment and related habitat.Right from setting up an industry to running them smoothly, trees are at the receiving end. Trees are cut to establish them and the remaining ones are left to face smoky consequences. The water bodies and marine life suffer equally .We have created this installation as an awareness that the industries worldwide have a very serious effect on mankind and nature. The rapid accumulation of the non biodegradable plastic waste is not any less deadly than an atomic bomb. The improper disposal of plastic is choking life at all levels of ecosystem although the affects take longer time frame to show up.

We haved designed a showroom, which is inspired from Praxis d’ Architecture who has designed the “Walking Store” in China. The theme and ambience of the room are kept in white which gives an elegant and extremely premium look to the showroom. Repetition and movement has been created by using parametric design which keeps the viewer’s eyes moving across the room. Warm lights have been used to create the warmth and create interesting patterns across the parametric panels. False ceiling has been designed like a wave motion in the sea. Grey coloured triangles have been placed on one wall which represents modesty to convey friendliness and informality and makes customers feel comfortable and welcoming. On the opposite side of this wall, a sitting area has been made using parametrical design which is also white in color which gives it a neat and tidy look.
Pavilion, is light temporary or semi-permanent structure used in gardens and pleasure grounds. Although there are many variations, the basic type is a large, light, airy garden room with a high- peaked roof resembling a canopy.
We have designed a drink’s counter inside the pavilion. The Pavilion’s ethereal form emerges from an interplay of lightweight wooden planks meticulously using mathematical algorithms. These planks create an organic canopy that gracefully arches over the Pavilion, offering both shade and a captivating visual experience for visitors inside the Pavilion, visitors are enveloped in a multisensory experience.
The parametric drink counter’s aesthetic features a wave like structure, strategically composed of thermocol (In real life would have been made up of wooden planks), components that mimic the patterns of a flowing water.

Fashion Department themes:
‘Mystical swirls’
‘Mystical swirls’ is inspired by the Parametric design defines the perfect combination of whimsical waves and gusty winds.
The colour theory is based on the classic contrast of black and white along with minimal yet bold curvatures giving it a stunning beauty.
Salvage of memories.
Recycled products are not always just waste that we perceive them to be, It bridges olds to new, empowers invalids to rediscover themselves. Through the process of recycling, we have used old newspapers, magazines, old mobile boxes and other some recyclable materials, which make the entire installation very cost effective and sustainable. Used materials do often take us back to the sweet memories of our younger days. With the theme “salvage of memories”, we have attempted to bring back the memories of our ancient tribal culture, as well as showing how that old tribal culture has evolved slowly and is now a trendy part of the fashion industry. Through our theme we are also trying to glorify the beauty of dark-skinned women, while focusing on the facts that inner beauty is the core of real beauty. By using recycled or waste products, we have tried to portray evolution in terms of fashion and constructed the art and craft using parametric design.
Fast forward
Fashion waste is costing the global economy more than $400 billion every year. In 2020 an estimated 18.6 million tonnes of clothing will end up in a landfill. As per a report that if this trend continues around 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog landfills by 2050.So our concept is to portray how fast fashion can affect the world. We are taking an example about how fashion or textile waste is being dumped into the seas. We want people to be aware about the outcome of such waste which is resulting in polluting seas and oceans and results in harming aquatic animal. Our theme is parametric. We have displayed our concept using discarded garment and cardboard.

Parametric kids zone represent a fascinating blend of creativity, technology and imagination. As a student, we constantly strive to create an environment that not only educates but also captivates and inspires the young generation. The concept of a parametric kids zone is precisely that – a- cutting – edge, dynamic, interactive space designed to engage children in a whole new way. The space designed as both play and learning spaces, that integrates parametric principales. It is a revolutionary approach to children’s play & learning environment, where our younger generation can thrive, grow, and learn in such a way, we have never seen before. So let’s come together and explore the limitless possibilities of a parametric kids zone, which inspires a brighter future for our children.

Snowy Daze: A room of snowy stunned confusion.

“Snowy Daze” is an artistic representation that beautifully embraces the theme of parametric design using spiral lines and a wall of circular cups known as “bubbles of thoughts”. The spirals’ mesmerizing patterns draw viewers into a world where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere within the snowy, stunned confusion of the room. This artistic endeavor showcases how parametric design can be a powerful tool for expressing complex ideas and emotions through form and structure.

The spirals symbolising peace, dreams and a somewhat gloomy atmosphere, evoke a sense pf introspection and contemplation. The encourage the individual to enter a spiritual state of mind where inner thoughts take precedence. This contrast highlights the versatility of parametric design showcasing its ability to convey not only physical aspects of urban life but also the emotional and spiritual dimensions of human existence.

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