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Preserving and caring for our silks softly : Gaurav Agarwal

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 14th Dec 2019 : Silks occupy a pride of place among the various textiles that are available. Silks spell sophistication, elegance, tradition, richness and legacy .It also is often laced with  emotion and nostalgia for some saree aficionados  and somehow it is  stitched to the Indian life be it through attires like sarees, salwar suits, lungi, skirts, stoles, wraps or even for fine furnishings and stationery..

Indians are largely rooted to tradition and often women hand over their silk sarees as a family heirloom to the next generation. While Kolkata abounds with stores that offer a wonderful ensemble of silks from all states, one fact remains to be seen is that do the buyers know enough about how to keep their silks under good care so as to stretch their life for decades. Silks should always be stored , washed, ironed and wrapped in a proper way. While storing in wardrobes they should be kept  in soft cloth , preferably cotton.They should be stored singly and not with other fabrics. Sarees with heavy zaree works should be kept away from being over exposed to air as it might darken or get dullness into the zari work. Silks should be preferably stacked flat and not hung from hangers. Periodically they should be aired and exposed to the sun. Frequently changing folds keeps sarees devoid of any permanent crease.

Many people take pride in preserving their silks simply because they wash them with care. This involves using light good quality detergent, not wringing the saree and taking care to gently wash the zaree area to prevent it from tearing. Strong chemicals and very hot water are to be avoided. Also drying should be done by spreading gently over an expansive surface and under mild sunlight.Periodic dry washing too helps in prolonging the life specially if you have to deal with stains.Petrol soaking the stained areas and later washing it gently does the job.While ironing silks its better to use a cotton over cloth on silk and use medium temperature to iron it with gentle hands.Silks are a symbol of tradition and following these simple practices can go a long way to making them last long.Winters in Kolkata are short lived and it’s the most enjoyable and sought after season especially for festival revellers and people who appreciate fine attire. The season also is typified by parties, fairs, concerts, weddings, receptions and gala dinners. My store is offering a huge range of Banarasi, Chanderi, Paithini, Muga , Eri, Tussars, Kanjivaram, Baluchari, Kosa, Ikkat, Bomkai, Patolaamong others”, stated Shri Gaurav Agarwal, Director, Sundari Sarees at Gariahat. Publicity : Grey Matters.

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