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The Bengal Queen 2019 a no bar pageant show to be held at Kolkata to promote women empowerment

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 10th Sept 2019 : In the recent past the City of Joy has witnessed a good number of beauty pageants local, national and international. However, this time with a distinct theme comes ‘THE BENGAL QUEEN 2019’ where the criteria of participation are not age, physical attributes and looks but the intellectual layers that will unfold a woman’s overall capability of contributing to the society in their capacity.

“The looks are important to a certain extent but the main thing is to see the intelligence, compassion towards humanity and animals, and the power within her that will spark inspiration for others as well. The main purpose for this show is to drive a person’s capability, intellect and passion to the development of the society”, says the Director of the Bengal Queen, Mainak Banerjea, an actor and model.

The grooming sessions of the pageant will be taken by Tuhinaa Pandey, former model and recently is in news for her come back in the industry. All the dresses will be designed by the renowned Irani Mitra, famous for her Indo-western stress. The pageant will be task based where each participant will get few tasks in groups so that both their team spirit and plans for societal developments can be explored. All the candidates will go through an acid test before the semi-final so that we get the best out of 50 participants.

Speaking on the number of participants Banerjea says, “This is the first time we are organising such a pageant and the huge response was really unexpected. We had to do a strict scrutiny before taking the 50 participants. We are hence expecting that this will be the first ever beauty pageant with a task based approach with the flavour of team spirit that will enhance their tolerance power and leadership qualities in them.”

The curriculum of this pageant is expected to be different and is expected to mould these 50 participants into rock solid traits along with humanity and compassion. Mainak is an animal lover and he feels there may be a task related to the ‘Save Animal’ drive. Whatsoever the pageant is expected to bring out a difference in the way pageants are carried out. The participants have come from a diverse working backgrounds, there are home makers also participating in this hence the content is rich and varied at the same time. There are lot of surprises during the whole process which will be updated from time to time. The grand finale will be on 28th September 2019 and the details will soon be revealed. Renowned fashion designer Sarbari Dutta was present to unveil the pageant show Publicity : Umakash. Photography : Biswajit Saha.

One thought on “The Bengal Queen 2019 a no bar pageant show to be held at Kolkata to promote women empowerment

  • September 30, 2019 at 2:20 am

    Bengal Queen has been a fraud show… The pictures of the stage shows that… I have all the recordings of their lies how they manipulated people with false commitments and announcing 1 lakh cash prize… The stage was not even luke a proper Ramp show… The minimum requirement which was a red carpet and a T-shaped ramp was not even provided… Background of the stage was gloomy… While they shit-talked about being classy and big… The participants were harrassed by being called at 12 and not given any update of starting of the show till 5:30… They were not even given the minimum requirement of living i.e, WATER… Please everyone see to it if the pictures come out


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