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A farsighted budget that will enhance ease of living, improve the health quotient and boost opportunities for education & job creation : Dr Reddy

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 1st Feb 2020 : Commenting on the Union Budget 2020, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “A farsighted budget, it is commendable that the Hon’ble Finance Minister has announced innovative initiatives that will enhance ease of living, improve the health quotient and boost opportunities for education & job creation, for all sections of our society and meet the expectations of an aspirational India.

In the present day, an evolving healthcare ecosystem is being defined by new challenges. As the Hon’ble Finance Minister said, by 2030, India will have the largest working age population in the world and therefore, more than ever before, addressing Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) must be India’s immediate imperative as the prevalence of these diseases is being witnessed increasingly in the younger segment of our population

NCDs are responsible for two-thirds of the total morbidity burden and according to the World Economic Forum, by 2030, the world could lose over 30 trillion dollars and about 36 million people could die every year due to NCDs if rapid remedial action is not taken up.  Hence in addition to initiatives announced to improve access to medical care across the nation and boost human health resources, it was encouraging that vital determinants of good health which include wellness, nutrition, clean drinking water and sanitation were at the forefront of this Budget. Likewise, the ‘Fit India’ programme championed by our Hon’ble Prime Minister personally, will certainly motivate a greater focus on fitness amongst Indian citizens.

Furthermore, we are hopeful that in the near future, a nationwide health screening programme for all citizens is initiated, which would empower every Indian with awareness about their health status and help them make lifestyle changes as needed. This is critical to prevent, avoidable mortalities.  

Budget 2020 is a definitive step forward in the Government of India’s commitment to make India healthier and a model for the world to emulate.” Publicity : Ad Factor

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