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Union Budget 2024 quotes from various business faternity

News Editor, Takmaa News, Kolkata, 3rd Feb 2024 : This year’s Union Budget presents a unique opportunity to prioritize the needs and aspirations of the youth and invest in their future. As we chart our course towards economic recovery and sustainable development, let us ensure that the voices and concerns of the youth are heard and addressed.First and foremost, we must focus on enhancing access to quality education and skills training for the youth. Education is the cornerstone of empowerment, and investing in education is investing in the future of our nation. We must allocate sufficient resources to improve educational infrastructure, infra for health, expand scholarship programs, and promote vocational training initiatives that equip young people with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st-century economy. One should value the views of experienced senior people  because they can influence the youths not only for placements but also influence them to develop their  own entrepreneur skills for startups.

Mr Meghdut Roychowdhury, Founder, Make calcutta Relevant Again & Chief Innovation Officer,Techno India Group

The PM Mudra Yojana’s remarkable achievement of sanctioning 43 crore loans, amounting to ₹22.5 lakh crore, is a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment towards nurturing entrepreneurial ambitions among the youth of India. Coupled with supportive initiatives like Fund of Funds, Start Up India, and the Start Up Credit Guarantee schemes, these efforts are not just fueling the entrepreneurial spirit but also transforming young Indians into ‘rozgardatas’, the new job creators and innovators driving India’s economic and social growth. This declaration in the Union Budget is a clear indication that the government is keenly focused on empowering the youth, which is essential for the nation’s overall progress and prosperity.
It comes at a perfect time for us at Techno India Group as we start building the first and only Atal Incubation Center in West Bengal, under the AIM mission of Niti Aayog to boost entrepreneurship in the East.

Our unwavering commitment to this cause was further fortified through conversations with and support from some of India’s biggest entrepreneurs and policymakers during our New Age India sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, and our will has never been stronger to build an innovation mindset amongst the youth and create thousands of more jobs in “India’s Decade”.
Mr Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Dollar Industries Limited
“We applaud the government’s vision to shape India into a Vikasit Bharat by 2047. As a responsible corporate entity, we are dedicated to contributing to this transformative path for the nation’s prosperity. The decision to maintain the existing income tax slabs is a positive step, offering stability and predictability for taxpayers, crucial for sustaining economic growth and promoting individual financial planning. We express gratitude for the government’s commitment to retaining the current tax rates for companies, LLPs, and individuals. The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor opens unprecedented opportunities for businesses to broaden their horizons and participate in cross-border trade. The corridor’s focus on connectivity and infrastructure development resonates with the logistical and supply chain requirements of industries such as textiles. We acknowledge the government’s proactive and all-encompassing approach in the interim budget. We eagerly anticipate contributing to the shared journey toward a more robust, inclusive, and sustainable India. In this interim budget, the government has suggested a capital expenditure (Capex) of 11.11 lakh Crores, aiming to enhance the purchasing capacity of each individual”, 

Mr Tushar Choudhary, Founder & CEO, Motovolt Mobility

We are optimistic about the government’s commitment to enhancing the e-vehicle ecosystem and promoting bio-manufacturing. We see this as a positive step forward and believe that Motovolt is poised to be a key player in this transformative journey. The emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing is praiseworthy, and as a Kolkata-based company, we are particularly pleased to see the focus on empowering the eastern region of India. Our cutting-edge e-bikes portfolio, aligned with the government’s vision outlined in the interim budget, offers diverse choices to fulfil consumer needs. We are confident that Motovolt’s innovative, affordable, and environmentally friendly micro-mobility solutions will contribute significantly to  economic development and environmental sustainability. While we appreciate the steps taken in the budget, we were eagerly anticipating more details on the developments of FAME-III. EV OEMs have successfully revolutionized electric bicycles in India, and we hoped for coverage under FAME-III to help e-bike makers conquer the final frontier of affordability and inclusivity in a much stronger manner in the years ahead

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