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Mayur Lalit Dance Academy presents “Uttaranga” pure Odissi recital at ICCR

News Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 12th Jan 2020 : Kolkata Mayur Lalit Dance Academy, in collaboration with the ICCR presented “Uttaranga”, a scintillating festival of pure Odissi recital here today. Mikhail Gusev, Deputy Consul General of the Russian Federation in Kolkata, Gautam De, regional Director, ICCR, and Pandit Nityananda Mishra, were special guests of the show.

The evening witnessed captivating performances by four senior students of the Academy – Esha, Trisha, Aditi and Bhamoti, through solo, duet and group recitals. “Uttaranga” unfurled with a pure dance recital by the four performers – the “Bajrakanti Pallavi”. The dancers’ feet and expressions vied with the musician’s voice, keeping hectic pace with each other. In a non-antagonistic conflict, the dancers and the musicians proved to be more than a match for each other. Finally, they merged to create the purest art form.

The first segment of the solo recitals had the theme of ‘Lord Krishna’, where Trisha Chakraborty presented “Krishna Tandava” and Bhamoti Basu performed Swabhinaya Pallavi “Dekhibo pora asore”. Both of their graceful moves and captivating expressionstook us back to the enchanting world of Lord Krishna, Shree Radha and the gopikas. Other enthralling solo recitals were Durga Stuti by Esha Sengupta and Yugmadanda Pallavi by Aditi Bose. Bold movements and vivacious expressions by Esha befitted the invocation to the Goddess.Aditi, in her depiction, again of a pure dance number, was sprightly and well-paced with the heavy rhythmic pattern. “Ananda Tandava”, a hymn to Lord Shiva, was again a duet beautifully depicted by Esha and Bhamoti through careful coordination and strong moves. The evening wrapped up with the vibrant duet number “Mare bana dhara” by Aditi and Trisha, celebrating the brilliance and splendour of monsoon.

Speaking on the evening, Debamitra Sengupta, Director, Kolkata Mayur Lalit Dance Academy, said, “Although I had conceived of Uttaranga some three years back, this is our maiden show. It is a Launchpad for my students who wish to pursue Odissi professionally. Those who have been learning, say for a decade, or those who I feel, have the potential to take it forward, would be formally introduced to the fraternity, through Uttaranga. I, on my part, am introducing my students. If the audience loves them, they are sure to go a long way. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours.” Publicity : Launcherz.

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